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Super Bonanza Sweepstakes 2017

Ms.Deepa Alex from Bengaluru receiving the keys of her Nissan Terrano SUV in our 2014 sweepstakes

Mr. K.V Chaudhury from Mumbai, receiving the Super Grand Prize cheque of Rs. 17 Lakhs in our 2014 Sweepstakes.

Mr. Steven Rajan From Bengaluru receiving his cheque for Rs. 17 Lakhs & what a surprise it was for her wife!

My family didn't believe it until I danced for 15 minutes" Mr. Lal Siam Lina from Mizoram commented while getting a Ford EcoSport SUV

Mr. G. Sudhakar Reddy receiving his cheque for Rs. 50 lakhs - " This sweepstakes is authentic and can change your life forever"

  • steven rajan

    Mr Steven Rajan

    Winner of Rs.17,000,00

    "I have always believed in Sweepstakes and know that they are real."

  • Ms.Deepa-Alex

    Ms. Deepa Alex

    Winner of Ford Ecosport

    "I didn't believe it. I asked if it was true and if the Sweepstakes really do exist."

  • K.V-Choudhary

    Mr. K.V Chaudhary

    Winner of Rs.17 lac

    "This is quite an amount! I'm thankful to Reader's Digest team."

  • Lalsiamliana

    Mr. Lalsiamliana

    Winner of Volkswagen Jetta

    "My family didn't believe it until I danced for 15 minutes."

  • Sudhakaran-Reddy

    Mr Sudhakaran Reddy

    Winner of Rs.50 lac

    "The best part about RD Sweepstakes is even if you don't subscribe you have an equal chance to win."

  • Tapan-Barua

    Mr. Tapan Barua

    Winner Of Rs.38 lac

    "I was really surprised and amazed."

  • Sarath-Vellat

    Mr. Rajesh Khutia

    Winner of Rs.18 lac cash

    "RD Sweepstakes was like God in disguise."

  • Sarath-Vellat

    Mr. Sarath V

    "Reader's Digest has an international reputation; I never felt that the Sweepstakes was fake."