Reader's Digest is India's largest selling English magazine. Its articles are simple to read yet treated as a benchmark of good English and a wealth of knowledge. Reader's Digest is a magazine that has something for every one in the family. It aims to entertain, educate and inspire readers through thought-provoking articles and features, self help columns, humor and lots more months on month. Simply described, it's a little magazine that packs a lot.

How can I pay?
The cost per issue is including delivery charges. We accept payments through Cheque or DD or you could pay online on our website or through VPP.

How can I pay through cheque or demand draft?
You could send us a cheque favoring Living Media India Ltd. A/C Reader's Digest to Reader's Digest, A-61, Sector 57, Noida - 201301. Please add Rs.20 for non-Delhi cheques

How can I pay through credit card?
You could visit our website, go to Subscribe Now link, fill in your details and make a payment through a credit card. Also, just call our customer care at 1800 1800 001 or 0120-2469900 and make a payment over the phone.

What is VPP?
VPP is Value Parcel Post. In case you opt for VPP, we would process your order within 4-6 weeks. A gift parcel would then be sent through post containing the subscription gifts. At that time you need to make cash payment to the postman including postal charges. Once we receive your payment, your subscription would commence within 4-6 weeks. You may visit our website and can request for a subscription through VPP.

What is the quickest mode of starting the subscription?
Whatever the payment mode, the maximum processing time is 4-6 weeks, through post, you would receive your first issue.

Are there any gifts on subscription?
With most of the subscriptions there are complimentary gifts which are sent within 3-4 weeks from the commencement of your subscription.

Can you confirm what kinds of gifts are offered currently?
We cannot confirm what gifts you would receive. It depends on the prevalent offer. Generally, we send a set of books or a CD as gifts.

I have made the VPP payment but I have received some other books in the parcel not the magazine?
The books you would have received are the subscription gifts which is delivered as a complementary to all the subscribers. You would start receiving your monthly issues of Reader's Digest, shortly.

In the letter it was mentioned that I will receive this month's issue but it's already the end of the month, where is my copy?
As mentioned earlier, we need to process your information and payments which could have led to an initial delay. Once your subscription gets regularized, you would start receiving the monthly copies by the 15th of every month.

I made the VPP payment 4-6 weeks back, but I have not received any magazines?
While you would have made the payment, it might not have reflected in our records due to operational reasons. We would appreciate if you could send us a photocopy / scanned copy of the VPP wrapper, so that we can send the copy right away.

Status and payment
I have already sent you a cheque for the subscription a week back; can you confirm whether you have received it?
We receive quite a number of Cheques on daily basis. Hence we might not be able to confirm the receipt right now. It generally takes a couple of weeks for your payment status to get updated. You will receive a confirmation as soon as the payment status gets updated in our system.

I have sent a Demand Draft for renewal but now I have received a letter asking to make VPP payment. Did you not receive my Demand Draft?
Sometime, due to circumstances beyond our control, your payment particulars would have been uploaded late. In this situation we request you to kindly ignore the VPP notice and the subscription gifts would be sent to you separately.

I had sent a Cheque for renewal and I also happened receive the VPP which came at my home address. So now I have made double payments. Please give me a solution?
We thank you for accepting the VPP, although you had already sent the subscription renewal payment. There has been some processing delay at our end, and your remittance could not be credited to your account at the time when VPP was arranged. Please accept our apologies for this oversight.
In this situation of double payments we do have a provision to treat your subscription as paid up for next 02 years. Hence we can extend you subscription for two years instead of one year with the current offer. Or if you wish, we can refund the amount.

I have made my payment through credit card, would next year automatically the payment will get deducted from my account?
No. Prior to the subscription expiry, a renewal reminder would be sent to you. You could renew your subscription by making an online payment. Kindly visit our website and subscribe on line.

I made the payment through VPP for the First year, would I get the VPP again next year for renewal payment?
Yes, you will get a reminder for renewal. But we do prefer to receive your payment through Cheque, Demand Draft or Credit Card. The better option would be to call our Customer Care and make payment over phone through Credit Card.

I was unable to make the VPP payment as I was out of station, can you send the parcel again?
Once the parcel is returned, we might not be able to redirect it again to you. We would appreciate if you could send us a Cheque or a Demand Draft.